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Equal pushing and breathing as described in the last post, connects partners through attunement – breathing in time with each other and balancing their pushing.  Another way of utilizing equal balance through pushing is something I call circular pushing.  Partners stand facing each other, palm to palm, about an arm and a half apart. One partner pushes while the other still resisting, allows their arms to move back.  Then the partner with arms back, pushes harder and makes the first pusher move their arms back.  As you push harder you breathe out.  As you receive the push, you breathe in.  Inhalation and exhalation happen at opposite times as your partner.  You can receive the push with little to no resistance or your can offer resistance but you still have to let your partner to have her/his turn to push harder.  The resulting movement is a circular pathway timed with breathing.  Even when this is difficult to do, children immediately can relate this to the balance of power in a healthy friendship.

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