Jeanine’s Prevention Activities

This handout contains two activities that work well in a classroom space. They work on building community, increasing spatial awareness, developing focus, and social skills. The string project requires string or yarn pre-cut into equal lengths. No other pre-preparation is required.

Honor Tunnel Jeanine

The Honor Tunnel builds community, respect, empathy, and social skills. It involves each person honoring each member of your class or your group. It also involves both giving and accepting honor and respect.

Bystander project development

Bystanders or Witnesses have a major impact on bullying and violence. Research has shown that there are significantly more witnesses then there are bullies and targets of bullying put together. If enough bystanders become positive allies, bullying would decrease greatly. Unfortunately, some witnesses encourage the bully, or do nothing but watch which also continues to give the bully power. This activity explores the role of the bystander and develops a repertoire of positive interventions. It then explores developing class projects that can increase knowledge of this important role school wide.

Creativity in Prevention Jeanine

Young children love to create stories where they each have an impact on the story line. Stories are one way for children to gain mastery over new skills or of things they are afraid of. This handout explores different ways to use creativity in a violence prevention session.